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Physics Help

Physics Help


The word ‘Physics’ is derived from the Greek word Phusika, which means natural things. Physics involves the study of physical and natural phenomena around us .It mostly deals with matter and its relation to energy. Various phenomena such as formation of shadow, formation of rainbow, occurrence of eclipse, cause of sunset and sunrise, importance of gravitational force – are well understood through study of Physics. The subject is divided into six branches as discussed below:


The study of motion influenced by various forces is understood by Mechanics. The details of linear, circular and oscillatory motions are looked into through this branch.


The behaviour of light is well understood through this branch.


The interaction between electric fields and magnetic fields is looked upon by this branch of physics. Furthermore, the applications of such interactions are also understood well.


This branch studies how heat is transformed to/from other forms of energy.\


The behaviour of particles as well as the accompanied energy changes are understood through Atomic Physics.


The propagation of energy through space is understood well through the study of Waves.

Apart from the above six branches, this subject can also be categorized into other streams such as Astrophysics, Geophysics, Biophysics, Nuclear Physics and Photonics. These are discussed below:


This branch of physics helps in understanding how the universe works. An astrophysicist might interestingly study the properties of galaxies, stars, planets and other smaller bodies moving across space. Therefore, the universe is broken down into smaller chunks through this field, each of which is then studied in detail.


This branch of physics has much to do with physical properties of the Earth and its immediate surroundings. Various concepts such as magnetic field of Earth, plate tectonics, fluid mechanics of oceans and the atmosphere – are well studied by this branch. Geophysicists use this information for various purposes such as determining where metals and minerals can be mined, or to be sure of safety of building a construction project in a specified area.


This branch focuses on the creatures living on Earth. This study could cover topics such as studying the ecosystems to internal and individual processes occurring in cells of a single living organism. Through the study of biophysics, it is no possible to get internal scans of images of the inside of the body through advanced technologies such as CAT scans and MRIs. Therefore, the need of invasive surgical procedures is excluded altogether.


While atomic physics discusses the behaviour of individual atoms that make up the universe, nuclear physics is concerned much with the nucleus of the atom. Various topics such as radioactive decay, nuclear fusion and nuclear fission are understood well by Nuclear Physics. The invention of atomic bomb was brought about by the use of atomic bomb.


This branch of Physics has to do with the study of photon – which is a single quantum of electromagnetic energy. It is often treated as a particle of light and is one of the smallest known existing things in the universe. The physical properties of photons are well understood through the study of Photonics. .



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