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Biotechnology Help

Biotechnology Help


Biotechnology is a branch of Science which involves the study of living systems and organisms to develop and make products. Therefore, it refers to technological applications that use biological systems, living organisms or their derivatives to make or modify products or processes for their specific use.

The related fields of Biotechnology are molecular biology, bio-engineering, biomedical engineering, bio-manufacturing, molecular engineering and others. The applications of biotechnology have tremendously increased in the field of agriculture, food production and medicine. In the 21st century, the scope of Biotechnology has expanded into genomics, recombinant gene techniques, applied immunology, development of pharmaceutical therapies and diagnostic tests. Various improvement methods in domestication of animals and cultivation of plants is brought about by modern methods of genetic engineering as well as tissue culture technologies.

Furthermore, biotechnology also refers to research and development in the laboratory using tools and techniques of bioinformatics. In the field of medicine, biotechnology has many applications in the areas such as pharmaceutical drug discoveries and production, pharmacogenomics and genetic testing. Through pharmacogenomics, it becomes easier to understand how the genetic make up affects an individual’s response to drugs.

Furthermore, biotechnology contributes to the discovery of manufacturing traditional small molecule pharmaceutical drugs as well as drugs that are a product of biotechnology – biopharmaceutics. It becomes possible to manufacture such medicines at a much cheaper cost through biotechnological advancements.

Modern biotechnology results into production of breakthrough products and technologies to combat occurrence of rare diseases, feed the hungry, reduce environmental footprint and have safer and cleaner industrial manufacturing processes. Today, there are more than 250 healthcare products and vaccines available to patients for untreatable diseases. Further, farmers use agricultural biotechnology products to increase yields and prevent damage from insects and pests.

The applications in biotechnology are helping the world in facing important challenges such as reducing rates of infectious diseases, changing the odds of life-threatening conditions, creating precise tools and techniques for disease detection, using biofuels to cut greenhouse emissions, decreasing water usage and waste generation, reducing the dependency on petrochemicals, tapping the potential of traditional biomass waste products and much more.


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Bioinformatics refers to the use of computer science, mathematics and other subjects to study and process biological data. It is mostly used in genetic mapping and processing gene related information. Bio-robotics refers to the use of biological information to study and develop robots. Bio-process engineering uses knowledge of biology to produce various biotechnological products used in agriculture, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry. These are environmentally sustainable and biologically useful too.  

Chemical engineering refers to the branch of biotechnology that combines chemistry and engineering to put them to use for manufacturing industry. The sub-branches of this field are nano-technology, fuel-cells and bio-engineering. Our PhD experts in biotechnology are well versed in all these branches.

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